Cultivating Growth: ABC Foundation’s Strategic Vision to Strengthen Aboriginal Regional & Remote Communities

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Cultivating Growth:
ABC Foundation’s Strategic Vision to Strengthen Aboriginal Regional & Remote Communities

Since its humble beginnings in 2016, the ABC Foundation is now entering a dynamic new chapter. Through strategic growth planning, we have defined our core purpose: building sustainable Aboriginal community organizations in remote and regional areas through tailored social enterprise management services.


Our Approach

Our approach is to build local capacity and support the development of sustainable community business models. This aims to reduce reliance on government funding while increasing independent revenue and job opportunities. We support this process by sourcing funding and donations to our Future Fund, allowing us to reinvest back into the communities in which we operate. Our ultimate goal is to empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to better lead their communities through our partnership model.


Key Achievements

Since 2016, the ABC Foundation has successfully supported numerous Aboriginal community organizations, resulting in increased job opportunities, reduced reliance on government funding, and the development of sustainable community businesses.

Helen Slater, our CEO and a community-focused leader, stated, “What we have learned over the past nine months of planning is that although we are an environmentally (On-Country) focused social enterprise, what defines us is our tireless work in building and supporting our Aboriginal Community Controlled Organizations partners. It is only through the success of creating on-the-ground stability and empowering our people that we can support them to get back to Country and care for our environment.”


Goals for the Next Three Years

Over the next three years, our goal is to grow our Charitable Future Fund, seeking corporate and philanthropic support to establish a nationally recognized Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ fund. This Fund will support On-Country initiatives designed and led by our Aboriginal community partners. Our aim is to expand beyond WA, strengthening regional and remote Aboriginal community organizations nationally.


Recent Organizational Changes

To spearhead these efforts, our CEO, Helen Slater, a strong Whadjuk Ballardong Noongar woman, has led recent organizational changes. We have appointed Karen Stead as Head of Community Projects and Partnerships. Karen will lead a dynamic team focusing on three core departmental areas: Education, Environment, and Partnerships.

Furthermore, our Founder Alison Sentence will focus on financial stability and growth for the Foundation and our partners. She will seek strategic growth opportunities, including expanding the Future Fund and our community reach nationally, as our Executive Finance & Strategic Adviser.


Leadership and Vision

Collectively, we will champion our vision of strengthening Aboriginal regional communities through our social enterprise management services. We will measure our success through our partnerships and enhance our impact within these communities.

Redefining our Foundation provides stakeholder clarity and marks the next chapter, focused on partnership growth and the ultimate goal of becoming a majority self-funded social enterprise, allowing us to invest in the Aboriginal communities and environments we support.

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