Food for the Mob® – A Year in Review

Food for the Mob_Year Wrapup Post

Launched in July 2020, the primary purpose of Food for the Mob®, a food production and service business, is to create emergency relief and offer low-cost meals for people experiencing hardship during the COVID pandemic, along with creating local Aboriginal employment across the Midwest and Gascoyne Regions.

ABC Foundation uses existing infrastructure and resources, has sought support, worked with its community partners and has aligned with current service providers through a collaborative approach. This has resulted in providing employment to up to 15 Aboriginal people, coordinated over 35,000 meals and supported up to 1500 families across the Midwest and Gascoyne regions.

We want to say thank you to our Major Supporter Lotterywest, and all of our Community Partners helping to bring this program to the Gascoyne and Midwest: Yulella Aboriginal Corporation, Mungullah Community Aboriginal Corporation, Bundiyarra Aboriginal Community Aboriginal Corporation, Mission Australia, MEEDAC, Ngala, Stephen Michael Foundation, Carnarvon Community College, Chorus, Foodbank and SecondBite.

Watch the video below:

More information

For more information on the Food for the Mob™ program contact:

Operations Manager
Deb Costarella | 0436 435 922

PR & Partnerships Inclusion Coordinator
Kate Branson | 0497 999 061

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