On-Country Development


On-Country training, leadership and skill development to increase the capacity of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people aspiring to work On-Country.


To work in partnership with training and employment providers to deliver a broad range of work-ready On-Country activities to Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in remote or regional areas.


An inclusive community development environment that addresses the aspirations of Aboriginal people working On-Country.

In Partnership we Can offer

ON-Country Impact

All Ranger Development programs are designed to meet the local community aspirations for looking after country. Each program is delivered using the ABC Framework and aims to achieve the following over the three (3) below Development Stages:

  1. Ability to undertake research, observation and data collection
  2. Ability to develop a local land management plan
  3. Align development towards specific place-based projects
  4. Work towards both unaccredited and accredited training
Development Structure & stages

ABC On-Country Ranger development programs are designed to build capacity of local participants through a staged approach delivered within three (3) phases, typically over a 12-month program. This program is not designed to be completed within any specific time frame, providing flexibility for participants to re-enter at anytime.


ABC Framework

The ABC Foundation Limited framework brings Traditional Knowledge (Aboriginal perspective) and western knowledge (mainstream education) into a contemporary space (On-Country Impact). All activities will incorporate elements from the ABC Framework, being Traditional, Contemporary and Western.

Traditional Ecological Knowledge Advisory Group(s) TEKAG

ABC Foundation wants to ensure that in each location it delivers projects, staff will at all times be inclusive of Traditional Owners and Aboriginal community representatives. ABC Foundation establishes informal Traditional Ecological Knowledge Advisory Group(s) (TEKAG) within each area/region who provide endorsement for ABC On-Country Programs, it's content and have become a guiding platform for delivery of 'Connection to Country' and 'Language of Place' within the Traditional aspect of the ABC Framework.

Language of Place

'Language of Place' refers to the agreed Aboriginal language and words used in program content and delivery in the places where we operate our programs. All ABC On-Country Programs are place specific.

Connection to Country

'Connection to Country' is used to refer to the Traditional Ecological Knowledge of the local environment that can be shared through story telling, song, dance or activity content. When developing new material and resources we seek endorsement through our local TEKAG representatives. We are guided by TEKAG on how the material can be used and by whom.

ABC Framework

Each program, session and activity delivered is to incorporate two key themes: Those being the RESPECT Principles and the DON'T RUBBISH COUNTRY message.


The On-Country RESPECT principles are a focal point, which is developed by the participants. A methodology that allows participants to gain a greater confidence in whom they are and to place a value on the importance of attendance and participation. Participants learn to take pride in the place that they can call home, whilst gaining a strong understanding of their link to the environment.

Don't Rubbish Country™

This theme is used to ensure that participants remain continually immersed. The DRC theme provides a platform for participants to Explore. Experience and Empower community ownership over the role that 'waste' plays in creating negative impacts on personal health, wellbeing and the environment.

ABC Foundation will guide supervisors on the use and development of the RESPECT principles and DON'T RUBBISH COUNTRY theme. The ABC Framework is a foundational platform of all ABC On-Country Development programs.