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The primary purpose of Food for the Mob™, a food production and service business based in Carnarvon, is to create education, training and employment for disengaged Aboriginal women and youth. The business will use existing infrastructure and align current services providers through a collaboration with Department of Education, Central Regional TAFE and Real Futures to identify and up-skill VET students, work for the dole participants and early school leavers through a tailored transition to work program.   

The secondary purpose is to address food insecurities by offering affordable meals for vulnerable people in Carnarvon and the broader region. The business will link with, and expand on, our successful Don’t Let Your Crop Rot program which operates in partnership with the Gascoyne Research Facility, and provides emergency food relief to families in the Gascoyne region. The aim of the Food for the Mob™ business model is to provide a return on investment (financial incentive) back to the growers and pickers, by generating a viable secondary market for food surplus in Carnarvon.  

Additionally, the indirect benefits from the proposed project will include a reduction of the carbon footprint through the shortening of the supply chain, improved bio-security outcomes for the region and an increased intergenerational health outcome for vulnerable people.  

ABC has identified the need to increase networks with growers and other primary producers in the Gascoyne region, to expand on the variety of meals offered and to ensure access to fresh produce on a year round basis. A collaborative partnership is being considered, whereby the Gascoyne Food Council, leveraging on existing relationships within primary industries, will assume the role of ensuring consistent supply of seconds produce for the Food for the Mob™ program. This will provide a valuable alternative market for primary industry, reducing logistics costs and improving bio-security outcomes, whilst guaranteeing a consistent supply of produce to the program. 

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For more information on the Food for the Mob™ program contact:

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Deb Costarella | 0436 435 922


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