On-Country Education


Life education designed to empower young people within a two way learning environment, providing alternative education support programmes and resources.


To build capacity of schools and early education providers, by developing the tools and resources to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and their families.


An inclusive school environment for all children, improving Aboriginal school attendance and performance.

What we offer


2022 – Ranger 4 Life programme in Tom Price as funded by Regional Development Australia Pilbara since 2016.

2019 – ABC On-Country Education Programmes 0-18 years funded in Carnarvon by Lotteries West

2019 – Funded by the Department of Communications and the Arts to develop local language resources for the Gascoyne region

2018 – Ranger for Life met the requirements of a promising Evidence Based Program by Australian Institute of Family Studies

2018 – ABC On-Country Education Programmes 0-18 years funded in Tom Price by the Department of Education, Pilbara Education Fund, through its Reconnection to Country Project.

2018 – Tom Price Early Years Group as funded by Regional Development Australia Pilbara and West Pilbara Communities for Children since 2016.

2017 – Lifeskills 2 Leadership programme within the Tom Price Senior High School and funded by Mental Health Commission.

2016 – Ranger 4 Life Camp for the Shire of Carnarvon’s Youth Outreach Group in Tom Price and Karijini National Park.

Specialist Education Programmes from 0-18 Years


Welcome Me 2 Country
0-3 years

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Photo of 2 girls looking at gum leaves in the Ranger 4 Life programImage

Ranger 4 Life
3-12 years

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Lifeskills 2 Leadership
12-15 years

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15-18 years

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Bush Classroom WakkaImage

Bridge Building

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