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About the Resources

This material is designed to be bilingual, featuring blank templates that guide you in developing language resources tailored for your community.

We're sharing these resources with the aim of encouraging people to actively engage with their local community.
This engagement offers a valuable opportunity not only to learn but also to connect deeply with traditional culture and language.

Every region is supported by an Aboriginal language centre. After obtaining words from the Elders, we're here to assist you in endorsing that language and ensuring its accurate representation in your curriculum. Embracing and preserving these languages is crucial for cultural heritage and identity.

We will be adding more Language Modules soon - Please get in touch with us for assistance developing these learning packs in your local language.

Each Module contains 5 individual lesson packs.

Each individual pack includes:
10-Level Worksheet Pack: Differentiated learning with progressive exercises catering to various skill sets.
4 Practical Activities: Reinforce classroom learning with engaging practice sheets.
Captivating PowerPoint Presentation: Boost visual understanding through clear explanations, phonetics guides, and rich imagery.
Detailed Lesson Guide: A roadmap for teachers, ensuring smooth lesson flow and effective learning delivery.

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Please contact us directly if you are seeking learning resources in a different language