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Education Resources - individual Packs

About the Resources

This material is designed to be bilingual, featuring blank templates that guide you in developing language resources tailored for your community.

Please get in touch with us for assistance developing these learning packs in your local language.

Empower educators and learners with our comprehensive Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people Language Lesson Packs, designed to bring back the beauty and vibrancy of your heritage tongue.

Each Lesson pack includes:
10-Level Worksheet Pack: Differentiated learning with progressive exercises catering to various skill sets.
4 Practical Activities: Reinforce classroom learning with engaging practice sheets.
Captivating PowerPoint Presentation: Boost visual understanding through clear explanations, phonetics guides, and rich imagery.
Detailed Lesson Guide: A roadmap for teachers, ensuring smooth lesson flow and effective learning delivery.

Individual Lesson Pack Pricing:
English Only: $250 each

Key Features:

  • Adaptable Framework: All materials are provided in English with designated spaces for you to seamlessly integrate your local Indigenous language translations.
  • Versatile Learning: Cater to diverse learners with a range of activities and difficulty levels.
  • Visually Engaging: Captivate students with clear visuals and captivating presentations.
  • Teacher-Friendly: Empower educators with a comprehensive lesson guide for effortless implementation.

Please note: This product is provided in English with designated spaces for your Indigenous language translations.

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