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Heritage Management Services

Are you a Native Title Representative Body and/or Native Title Knowledge Holder and require assistance in managing the Heritage work requests from the primary industry companies working or exploring on your land?

The ABC Foundation, acknowledges the importance of protecting, managing, and caring for Country, which includes putting in place the plans required to ensure those on your land are working with you to look after the Aboriginal heritage values.

We are here to work with you to provide a trusted and reliable service in all aspects of Heritage Survey work.

At the Foundation, our focus is to ensure knowledge holders, native title groups and/or representative bodies are provided with the right management, coordination and facilitation support to undertake the key Heritage work carried out on Native Title Land across Australia.

Whether you require end-to-end support for Indigenous Land Use Agreements or seek affordable assistance for primary industry companies, the ABC Foundation is here to deliver exceptional results.

No project is too complex or unique for us to handle with utmost professionalism and dedication.


  • Pricing and Scheduling Heritage Project Works
  • Booking and Managing Travel Arrangement
  • Identifying and Coordinating Anthropological and Archaeological consultants
  • Liaison with the Primary industry companies
  • Compliance Auditing and Reporting
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