On Country
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Have you heard of our On-Country Partner Services?

Since 2016, ABC Foundation has been delivering measurable National Closing the Gap initiatives and improving life outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people by:

Building the community-controlled sector* in WA through an innovative On-Country partnership approach which is now nationally scalable.

Our social enterprise is a majority Aboriginal controlled and led business which respects and incorporates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community engagement protocols, building shared local capacity and decision-making.

What makes ABC Foundation unique is our genuine commitment to building strong and sustainable community-controlled service providers.

We support our partners through sourcing independent income, reducing the reliance on government funding. This then empowers them to meet the needs of their community, delivering high quality services in the areas in which they operate.  

*National Closing The Gap Priority Reform Two (2)

Get in touch by emailing oncountry@abcau.com.au or phone our Partner Support Office on 0459 305 170


“It was just so stressful one time ago, till ABC came on board and after about 12 months we could relax, with this fair idea that Yulella was still going to go on and move on to better things. Empowering us to know that with a good partnership and governance with ABC that we actually can go out and deal with and work with our community”

Philo Curley
Chairperson, Yulella Aboriginal Corporation

“This partnership has led to a number of local people employed across all its programs since 2018, and it aims to build on this and create longer term sustainability. The community wants to thrive, with services and community businesses on offer to its residents.”

Leisha Norling
Executive Officer at Mungullah Community Aboriginal Corporation