On-Country CARbon

Sustainable Agriculture Model
Carbon Farming

Carbon Farming is simply farming in a way that reduces Greenhouse Gas emissions or captures and holds carbon in vegetation and soils. It is managing land, water, plants and animals to meet the Triple Challenge of Landscape Restoration, Climate Change and Food Security. It seeks to reduce emissions in its production processes, while increasing production and sequestering carbon in the landscape.

ABC Partnership Opportunities
  • Sustainable Herd Management, & total grazing management support
  • Sharing Knowledge and expertise in diversifying income e.g. in Horticulture, Bush Foods and Tourism
  • Carbon Ranger Programs e.g. fire management
  • Access to regional Social and Environmental Benefit Programs
  • Access to up front capital to support carbon infrastructure projects
Target Market

Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal Pastoral Leases

  • Southern Rangelands
  • Other WA regions


Our Approach

Human Inducted Regeneration (HIR)

We recognise that HIR Carbon Farming is new in Western Australia and leaseholders want to be well information about how it can benefit them. Our aim is to work in partnership to increase the leaseholders knowledge and maximise its opportunities through income diversification. Our dual action approach includes undertaking both a carbon feasibility assessment and set up and to work with the leaseholders to ensure they are business ready, accessing available support services with the ability to adapt our model to be place-specific.