In early 2020 the ABC Foundation launched Food for the Mob which is an On-Country Care program with support through the 1000 jobs package aimed at initially creating low cost meals to support their communities while looking at ways to create build a social enterprise model.

Then in June 2020, at the peak of the pandemic, the program received funding by Lottery West in partnership with Foodbank, Secondbite and Chorus as part of a COVID relief strategy. This saw the ABC Foundation increase its reach by partnering with regional and remote Aboriginal Corporations to provide over 50,000 hot meals meals to feed the elderly and those most in need up till December 2021 across the Gascoyne and Mid-West.

Without on-going external funding for Food for the Mob but a vital need in the community, which also created local employment for up to 10 Aboriginal women, the ABC Foundation needed to identify a more sustainable funding source.

With its On-Country enterprise, Containers for Change based at sites across the Gascoyne and Mid-West increasing in viability, the Foundation was able to continue the delivery of its Food for the Mob program through the funds the recycling program delivered to pay for the much needed employment outcomes and essential meals for its partnering remote communities.

The Foundation has aspirations to continue to develop and grow sustainable On-Country Enterprises to support present and future generations. Alison Sentance CEO of the ABC Foundation said,

“Through an innovative approach, our aim is to not only build capability of our Aboriginal Corporations, but to also create sustainable revenue stream’s to help fund the identified needs in remote communities.”

The ABC Foundation Containers for Change sites sees teams collecting, sorting and processing 10c containers for a recycling deposit . Since commencing the scheme in October 2020, the sites have collectively removed over 14 million containers from landfill, while funding over 15,000 meals since January 2022. The ABC Foundation has achieved this by working in partnership with Mungullah Community Aboriginal Corporation and Yulella Aboriginal Corporation, to support residents across the Gascoyne and Mid-West.

Alison said,

“This program showcases the coming together of social enterprise projects and the real impact our On Country programs are having in remote communities”

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